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Is Neuromuscular Therapy the same as Physio Therapy?

No, Neuromuscular Therapy is specifically focused on the change of function in muscle or soft tissue as a result of physical activity, injury or disease. As a therapist, I am looking to identify the cause or origin of the change, and then apply the appropriate hands on treatment. One of the areas that a Neuromuscular Therapist specialises in is the treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points (miniscule areas in soft tissue that can cause excruciating pain to a larger area).

Physio Therapy focuses more on acute musculoskeletal care where therapists may specialise in a different medical field such as oncology, paediatrics, respiratory illnesses, etc. In a non-hospital environment a Physio Therapist may help a client with their movement through the use of ultrasound and exercises.

Can I book a massage?

You can make an appointment for a Deep Tissue, Sports or Relaxation massage by clicking on the Book Now button on the left of the screen

Do you treat children under 18 years?

I treat people of all ages including children under 18 years of age who are experiencing muscular people.  Many children benefit from Neuromuscular Therapy especially when they have growing pains including shin splints, pain from carrying heavy bags to school, aches from studying at desks for long hours, soreness from doing a lot of sports.

Is there ground floor access to the practice?

Yes, the practice is at the ground floor level.  There is a single step up into the hallway and a step down into the treatment room.